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300 word abstract presenting what your work is

*Technology is typically seen as a problem-solver, and well-designed technology is supposed to follow an according aesthetic of efficiency, ease and—ultimately—automation.*

To Save Everything, Click Here — Evgeny Morozov, ch 9

In this work, I will confront two timelines of actions, logging the happenings and events sequenced when using touchscreen apps. The sequences will be opposed visually and factually, meaning that one will deal with the actions and decisions that I as a user, make while using, the other will be the system response and extra actions happening behind the screen.

The project has a few specific aims; firstly to see if as many decision points on the user end reflect as many nodal points on the system side. This is why the confrontation of the timelines, possibly with an actual suface difider present, is important, I want to try and see if and what kind of additionnal unexpected actions happen in productivity focused systems.

This hopefully factual dual log will be a basis for the secondary aim, which will be to question the possibilties for adverserial designs (Carl DiSalvo, see quote)

*If we abandon the notion that any one design will completely or even adequately address our social concerns or resolve our social issues, then adverserial design can provide those spaced of confrontation—in the form of products, services, events and precesses— through which political concerns and issues can [be] expressed and engaged.*

3 works inspiring / central to your work and

3 texts

  • to save everything click here — Evgeny Morozov
  • Richard Sennett — The Craftsman
  • Terry Winograd & Fernando Flores — Understanding Computers and Cognition


Sara: uses previous work to contextualise
Power structures
Concels Power
Does not undersand how I'm going to do this but in a general sense I Understand
What is the thing that you want us to feel?

Pleun: a continuation, yes (prev context again) What she misses is a clear example Really specific example needed 'This is what I've been talking about this year' Too abstract level It becomes a problem when you're only finger wagging.

Stone: too abstract, High technology Needs an example It's a thing I never think about It's not interesting to me, can it include something interesting for me. I never thought about these things

Julia: Confronting timelines: sees that I might be trying to reveal Feels guilty about unawareness Is it purely formal? What do you feel might happen?

Aymeric: The adverserial design point is good. To what fields? And what is the message?

Micheal: Make a position within design for this discourse. A possibility to make a framework for future projects.

Two potential paths 'emerge': Being an actor with design, making an object with the strategies I develop surveying the field and commenting.

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