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BA Product design innovation

Course schedule:

  • Fridays from 12.00 → 13.00 (room D516)

Week 1: 19/09/2019 module introduction

Third level learning is not simply a graded measurement of unitary sets of knowledge, singular skills acquired or learned behaviours. A modern graduate is a thinker and active agent, engaged & responsible in developing new ways to support industry, develop strategic policy & impact society positively. Leadership is a discrete skill that can be learned and this programme aims to support your development and awareness of leadership.

To do this, the learner must engage in reflective practice and become aware of WHAT, for WHOM and WHY they are doing something, and HOW, WHERE, WHEN or with WHOM they are they engaging? More importantly, the graduate needs to become personally responsible for the impact of their decision actions and interactions with others.

Week 2: 26/09/2019


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Diversifying the course content with guest lecturers

Four to five ideas of guest lecturers have come to mind:

2019_11_7 Module resources, slides and structures:

  1. Entrepreneurial innovation
  2. Market validation
  3. Intellectual property

2019_11_21 The LEAN Canvas

2020_01_16 Commercialisation

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