Title: Computing in Interactive Digital Art and Design Subtitle: Digital Media Design module vision Date: 2020/09/23 Template: slidy Status: draft

Digital Media Design module: vision and outline

Design and IT — Colm O’Neill

Computing Dept.


Presentation structure:

  1. Introduction & context
  2. Vision
  3. Learning by doing
  4. Example projects
  5. Foundational content
  6. Schedule and weekly calendar

1. Introduction

2. Vision

Digital media design

  • Many relevant digital medias/mediums to the learners on this course
  • Module aim: guide the learners to be proficient with these mediums, using a design lead approach.

2.1: A design lead approach

Learning media with these approaches:

  • Research lead
  • Cross discipline / discipline agnostic
  • Contextual
  • Based in practice
  • Iterative
  • Curious

3. Learning by doing

  • Briefing first, theory, content, case studies and lessons in context of the briefing.
  • Direct application and clear scope of the course material.

4. Example projects

3 to 5 different projects through the year, ensuring the students always have a place to test and apply their learning.

4.1: Example project 1

Learners develop the visual assets to support a new local cultural ‘agenda’ website.

→ establishing common (transversal) aesthetics in images and graphic design content that not only supports the new cultural agenda, but makes it recognisable too.

→ producing posters, digital banners, illustrations (digitised hand drawings or vector images) that go along with a provided visual identity.

goals: practice graphic design, observe and distil key elements of a visual identity, demonstrate awareness of design principles

4.2: Example project 2

Video essay production

→ converting research material on a graphic, installation or media artist into a short, narrated video essay.

→ short 4 to 6 minute video

goals: practice audio visual media production, demonstrate good ability to capture video, audio and use editing software, demonstrate ability to research and reflect on findings

4.3: Example project 3

Website redesign

→ starting from an existing but outdated looking website, the learner will produce a new design with a specific focus on the interface, usability and accessibility of the content.

goals: further develop graphic design skills in combination with learning from interface design / development modules, demonstrate ability to understand a content structure, demonstrate ability to design for accessibility

5. Foundational content

The learning by doing will be supported by weekly hour long foundational content lecture. These subjects will include:

5. Foundational content / supporting course material:

  • Theory:

    • composition basics (framing, scaling, viewing angles)
    • colour theory
    • typography
    • accessibility design
    • vector vs bitmap digital images
    • scanning images, photography
  • Case studies: example projects, portfolio reviews, historical artworks, …

  • Key readings:

    • “As we may think”
    • “The mismanaged heart”
    • “The medium and the massage”
    • “Web Design is 95% Typography”
    • “Accessibility for everyone” — A book apart

6. Weekly structure + COVID planning:

options Foundational & supporting material Practical & Project work
100% On campus 1 hour in class theory 3 hours in lab practical
75% On Campus 1 hour online theory 3 hours in lab practical (in sub groups depending on cohort size)
0% On Campus 1 hour online theory 1 hour bb collaborate group session + 2 hours breakout session small groups individual project feedback

6. Schedule and weekly calendar

Semester 1

Weeks Ongoing project Weekly theory content Practical class Notes/Details
28/09/20 Project 1 — Visual Assets Vector images ≠ bitmap images Project 1 briefing + module introduction
05/10/20 Project 1 — Visual Assets Typography 1 Vector editing software (Illustrator or equivalent)
12/10/20 Project 1 — Visual Assets Colour Theory Vector editing software (Illustrator or equivalent)
19/10/20 Project 1 — Visual Assets Reading: “The Medium is the Massage” Preparation for 1st group critique next week
26/10/20 Project 1 — Visual Assets Typography 2 Project follow-up: group critique
02/11/20 Project 1 — Visual Assets Composition basics 1 week until final delivery
09/11/20 Project 1 — Visual Assets Theory catch-up Project 1 delivery
16/11/20 Project 2 — Video essay Sound recording Project 2 briefing + sound recording practical
23/11/20 Project 2 — Video essay Composition basics Non Linear Editors practical class
30/11/20 Project 2 — Video essay Raster images resolution / density Non Linear Editors practical class + project 2 work time
07/12/20 Project 2 — Video essay Video transitions & narrative editing Video exporting + project 2 work time
14/12/20 Project 2 — Video essay Reading: “As we may think” Project 2 delivery 1